Sabalan Gostar Tahvieh company was established in 1992 to produce various kinds of HVAC system such as Chiller, Unit heater, Condenser, Air handling unit, Package unit, Fan coil, Fiberglass & centrifugal cooling tower for agricultural and industrial purposes. Since the supervisory Broad of company has endeavored to produce the commodities according to international standards and high quality to present internal and external markets, Therefore they decided to cooperate with one of the famous manufacturing companies in HVAC system fields. they made an agreement with carrier company from USA to transfer the technology of designing and producing various kinds of HVAC.

Air-Conditioning or HVAC & R system consists of the components and equipments that are arranged in a sequential order to cool or heat, humidify, dehumidify, clean and purify air, attenuate unpleasant noise, transport the conditioned outdoor air and re-circulate the air into the conditioned spaces. it controls and maintains an indoor or enclosed environment at an optimum state of energy use.

The types of buildings that air-condition systems serve can be classified as followings:

_ Institutional buildings such as hospitals and nursing homes.
_ Commercial buildings such as stores, shopping center.
_ Centers, large offices, large sport saloons.
_ Residential buildings including single-family and multi-family low rise buildings.
_ industrial processes and buildings such as power plants, refineries, agricultural systems, job shops and so on.