During the 1990s, the strongly innovative and energy cost-oriented approach became influential in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry, particularly in insulating products, a critical component of the HVAC system. Several factors and recent innovations have been introduced to revolutionize the air ducting.
We are proud to have increasingly continued to impart the technology introduced by Mr. Giovanni Vincenti to UAE - the foam based pre-insulated ductwork innovation of Claudio Ferraro from Bologna, Italy back in 1965. At the same time, we were able to sustain growth in the market not only in Middle East but worldwide. We also continue to comply with the ever-increasingly stringent requirements for clean air and changing fire and smoke codes with higher standards.
In recent years, we were able to take advantage of the economical instability in UAE. We strive harder to reach other regions and continents to market our products. We have maximized all our knowledge, expertise and resources to come up with new innovative products that are notably contributors for energy savings and protect health and environment. We were extremely successful in the field of customer service, assured our clients' satisfaction and gained their trust and confidence.
Consequently, a need to establish representatives worldwide was seen to meet the demands. At present, manufacturing plant in Pune, India was also commissioned in addition to the earlier established manufacturing plant located in Dubai, to cater to the increasing market. Also, subsidiary companies, sales offices and workshops in Europe, Middle East, Asia, The Pacific and Africa are now in operation. Distributors were appointed and their fabricators were provided with specialized and comprehensive trainings to ensure the consistent quality of ducting fabrication and installations.