Tandis International Commercial Co. is one of the powerful and professional companies in the field of trading various construction stones in two types of cut and block ones.

This company was founded in 1999 and its offices are located in both Iran and UAE.

Details of activities of Iranian office: 

Preparation of the Iranian blocked and cut construction stones in various travertine, marble and onyx for presentation to the global markets. 

Details of activities of UAE office: 

Preparation and procurement of imported construction stones in a cut and polished form in various granite and marble for distribution in local markets and export to construction stone market of other countries. 

During the long period of its activities this company has tried to enhance its position in the international market and strengthen its commercial relations with its respectable customers and colleagues throughout the world through enjoying the commercial expert personnel in the field of construction stone industry and also through cooperation with the experienced and skilled experts. 

Our presence in the international markets including the markets of such countries as UAE, China, India and Iraq has resulted in an appropriate understanding for this company about three indexes of price, quality, and distribution as the 3 pillars of winning over and attracting the customers. 

Deep understanding of these 3 indicators caused them to be put forth as lofty goals for this company. As a result great steps were taken in line with attaining to the said goals as follows: 


The company’s policy in view of direct cooperation with first-class mines and resources of stone has made the goods distribution fully competitive and made the company conspicuous and exemplary among the other competitors in terms of the offered price for construction stone. 


The high quality of the goods along with its appropriate and satisfactory packing as the second pillar of attraction of the customer’s satisfaction has always been of our special interest. As a result enjoying the conspicuous glob