Nik Baspar at a glance:

Nik Baspar Production group has started it's activity in 2001 in , valiasr industrial region.

Nik Baspar obtained it's milestone of producing sewer pushfit pipe in 2003 by using the machinery of famous companies like Germany crosmafa and Italy silka and made an evolution in sewer piping.

We believe that changes and movement for being updated is the secret of taking apart in markets.

As mentioned the secret of persistence in all our activities is being updated.

The effective steps that we took is a proof of passing a long path.

Also this company is producing poly propylene pips for cold and warm water and also five layers pipes.

Nik Baspar Group is able to examine the parameters of produced goods by teaching experienced experts and using modern laboratory.

Benefiting best machineries, experts and also qualified row materials have made us to sell our products in international markets.


Nik Baspar Group has started its production with pipes and pipe equipment and is improving in international eras by new idea for developing building and sewer industries and also innovative aspects approaches for increasing quality of products and cooperating with international companies to make a vast evolution and offer end user solutions.