Dama Ettehad industrial group as one of the leading manufacturers of micro-fin tubes in Iran has established the low fin tube production line with automatic machines & modern quality control systems according to the latest technology in the world.

The advantages of this project is to offer high qualified products which are competitive with same foreign products in shortest time & the best price, according to international standard with the observance of professional engineers.

Therefore our company is ready to supply our following products to gas, petroleum, petrochemical, heating-cooling & other related industries:

Copper & copper alloys(Cu/Ni, Al- brass,…) fin tubes
Fin tubes with hard material (steel, carbon steel)
Low fin tube from 19~50fin per inch to be used in heat exchangers.
Special designed fin tubes according to the same foreign products (Turbo-CLF, Turbo- KS , Turbo-ELF)
· Low fin tube to be used in steam producing systems (Turbo-E)

Products properties:

Outside diameter of fin tubes is 12.7~25.4mm, thickness: 1~4mm & length:0.5~6M.
Fin height is according to international standards( in the case of special orders fin height will be counted according to number of fins per inch)
Skip fining according to clients' inquiry.
Packing according to clients' inquiry.
By the way our products have been supplied to the following companies:

Isfahan Petrochemical Co., Tabriz Petrochemical Co., Arak machine sazi & Petrochemical Co., Saran, Iranian, Havasaz, Yekta tahvieh Arvand, Vahid Cooling Ind., Iran Radiator, Kimia Fateh sanat ,Iran Chiller, Royan Mobaddel & more...