Due to importance of non-renewable energy sources and regulations, regarding economization of its consumptions, this matter has become the focus point of most energy using branches of businesses.
Construction industry, as one of the most important energy-consuming fields, uses about 30% of all the energy used in industries. Considering this huge amount, preservation and saving energy is one of the main items on designing, calculation and choosing the materials for construction companies and engineers.Doors and windows, as buffer between outside environment and inside of buildings, play a critical role in amount of energy lost. Using the right kinds of materials in manufacturing of doors and windows prevent energy lost and brings down the cost of using energy in buildings and houses.
Using UPVC materials, as main construction material in manufacturing doors and windows, was started at the last years of 1960 in Europe. The elegance of end products and variety of colors has made UPVC the main material in manufacturing doors and windows in developed countries. Right now more than 70% of all doors and windows in these countries are made from UPVC.
WINTECH is one of the largest producers of UPVC Profiles used in manufacturing doors and windows.Production facilities are located in Antalia city in south west Mediterranean coast of Turkey and occupy and area of 230,600 square meters.
The annual output is about 12,000 tons of different kinds of UPVC profiles.WINTECH is a member of ADO Group of companies, established in 1950. In addition to production of UPVC Profiles, ADO group are also active in production of Cement, PVC Pipes for construction industries. It�s also active in energy field too.Due to WINTECH very high quality products and superb customer service, WINTECH products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. In addition to main production complex in Turkey, WINTECH has manufacturing plants in Germany, India, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Tunisia with sell office in 54 countries as well.
With help of its professional managers and highly qualified staff, WINTECH has gained its rightful place as one of the top companies of world.